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Xarelto Lawsuit Settlement Augusta GA 30999

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Xarelto Lawsuit Settlement Augusta Georgia 30999

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 xarelto recall Augusta GA 30999

This page covers the details of the Xarelto litigation in Augusta GA, including the connection to internal bleeding, recalls, settlements and providing you legal help. Call us and file a claim today - (844) 549-0883

Why are Xarelto Lawsuits Being Filed

Numerous claims have been filed against Janssen Pharmaceutical (the manufacturer of Xarelto) and Bayer Healthcare (the marketer of the drug) by people who have suffered severe bleeding as a result of taking the anticoagulant medication.

Augusta attorneys argue that if doctors and patients had known the risks, the patient would have used warfarin, a different anticoagulant medication, where internal bleeding can be treated with dosages of Vitamin K.

What is the Purpose of Xarelto

Xarelto is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical that has been widely prescribed to prevent blood clots in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat); deep vein thrombosis (blood clots deep within the body); pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs); stroke; and patients who have recently undergone a knee or hip replacement surgery.

It generally is prescribed as an alternative to warfarin (Coumadin), a blood thinner that began to be used in 1954.

Xarelto Injuries & Side Effects

Probably the most significant prospective side effect triggered by Xarelto is serious internal bleeding that may outcome in death. Currently, there is no recognized remedy to reverse the type of internal bleeding caused by Xarelto.

While a warfarin overdose can be treated by administering Vitamin K and other substances to stop the bleeding, doctors can only wait for Xarelto to be flushed out from the patient’s body when an uncontrolled bleeding accident occur. Not even dialysis is sufficient, and even a simple gastrointestinal bleeding can quickly evolve into a fatal internal hemorrhage.

Other potential injuries caused by Xarelto include infection associated with hip or knee replacement surgery; decreased hemoglobin (a substance that carries oxygen in red blood cells); bleeding in the brain; hematoma (a mass in the blood); peripheral edema (swelling of the lower limbs); and dyspnea (difficulty breathing) (read more).

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Xarelto Lawyer in Augusta GA Discusses Why People are Filing Lawsuits

People who take older blood thinners must have routine blood tests and make constant adjustments to their dosage. They’re also required to watch the foods they eat. This is part of the appeal of Xarelto: it is a one-size-fits-all medication. Unfortunately, that characteristic is precisely what makes Xarelto dangerous – and why the drug is now the target of thousands of legal claims, according to lawyer Ellen Relkin, a member of the plaintiff's steering committee overseeing litigation in Louisiana federal court.

Relkin said plaintiffs file claims against Johnson & Johnson and Bayer because warnings attached to Xarelto weren’t strong enough and that many patients didn’t know the drug had no antidote. J&J and Bayer promoted the medication’s benefits and minimized information about the risks.

Xarelto, Wound Leakage and Infection

Low Therapeutic Index

" problem with the medication is it has what is called ‘a low therapeutic index.’ In other words, it can be safe at a certain point and dangerous within a very close range," Relkin told Drugwatch. "Someone can be 110 pounds or 200 pounds, old or young with varying kidney functions and get the same dose and have a very different impact. Unlike the traditional blood thinner, Coumadin, where you have monitoring of the drug where the patient gets their blood checked periodically so the doctor can assess whether the levels are appropriate, you don’t do that with Xarelto."

Wound Leakage and Infection

Another issue with Xarelto – though less-publicized than its bleeding complications – is its link to a greater occurrence of wound infections following surgery for total hip or knee replacements. Relkin said the medication increases wound leakage and infection risk by more than 10 times. The complication often sends patients back in for more surgery.

"There are safer, equally or more effective ways to prevent clots following a hip or knee arthroplasty that doctors find very satisfactory, aspirin, compression stockings and getting the patients up and walking," Relkin said, adding that a number of surgeons are prescribing alternative drugs because of the risk.

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Why You Need a Augusta Xarelto Lawyer

There are no current class actions related to Xarelto. In the case of the drug's more than 4,500 lawsuits, each case is treated individually. Each plaintiff retains their own lawyer and can accept or reject settlements. Instead, of a class action, these cases are consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) to help speed up the process. Class actions typically involve just one plaintiff who represents an entire class. People can opt to join the class and whatever settlement is negotiated is split across the entire class and its members do not have a say in the outcome. Typically, these are smaller awards and do not involve serious injuries.

Coping with health difficulties brought on by a negative drug is emotional and draining, and it affects the entire family. Mounting medical bills wreak havoc on a family's finances. Anxiety, aggravation and depression add up. Within the case of Xarelto, some households have also had to cope with funeral expenses for lost loved ones. At times filing a lawsuit will be the only way to spend off health-related bills - and to safe compensation for discomfort and suffering. Numerous sufferers also turn to the legal method to hold drug businesses accountable and to send them a message.

Plaintiffs accuse Xarelto's makers of several counts of negligence and failure to warn. A capable Xarelto attorney near me in Augusta GA can help you get financial assistance for medical bills and other incurred expenses. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with Big Pharma and understand what it takes to go up against drug companies in court.

Statute of Limitations Running Out

If you or a loved one suffered serious bleeding problems while taking Xarelto, our attorneys would like to hear from you. The statute of limitations bars claims not brought within the short time period of the injury, contact us today for a free consultation on your possible legal options. We will review your experience and tell you whether you qualify for compensation.

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